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Porcelain Coffee Mug Collection “Viennese Pet Names”

Porcelain cups “Viennese

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Vienna, Vienna only you! The Viennese do not lack creativity and humor when it comes to naming their fellow human beings. From "Zwutschkerl" to "Grantscherbn", you will find everything that the Viennese Schmäh has to offer on our coffee cups. The shapely porcelain cups in retro design are made in Austria and are decorated with noble gold ornaments. Printed with affectionate pet names and cheeky expressions, they are guaranteed to put a smile on the lips of your loved ones! On request we also make mugs with desired name:

Viennese expressions and their meaning:
  • Botschata / Botschate - male. / female clumsy person
  • Steam talker - person who talks a lot and with pleasure
  • Derisha / Derische - male. / female Person who hears badly
  • Hawara - male for buddy / friend
  • Heast - Viennese for "listen
  • Herzibinki - affectionate pet name
  • Fetznschädl - befuddled person, idiot
  • Gfrastsackl - annoying, uncomfortable person
  • Goschata / Goschate - male/female for naughty person
  • Grantscherbn - bad tempered person
  • Gschaftlhuber - Busybody
  • Gspritzer / Gspritze - male/female for snob
  • Oida / Oide - male. / female Age / Old
  • Ozwickta - male. for not very tall person
  • Pipihendi - affectionate pet name
  • Rotzpipn - naughty person
  • Schasaugata / Schasaugate - male / female person with impaired eyesight
  • Schlawiner - male. smart, cunning person; sly person
  • Dishonorer - Swindler
  • Springinkerl - lively, energetic person
  • Zuckergoscherl - affectionate pet name
  • Zwidawurzn - bad tempered person
  • Zwutschkerl - small, delicate person

Care Tip:
Avoid microwave / dishwasher


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