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Room Fragrance Set “The Blanc”

Exclusive fragrances from Provence – White tea

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"The blanc" is a soft, lovely feel-good fragrance that is guaranteed to delight. The unobtrusive aroma of white tea has a refreshing effect and yet creates a warm ambience. Originating in Provence, Lothantique has been producing high quality fragrances with high organic standards since the 1920s. The room spray creates a pleasant atmosphere immediately after application. For a long-lasting, continuous fragrance experience, we recommend the scented candle and diffuser with wooden sticks. By turning the sticks, the fragrance lasts up to a year. The perfect gift for lovers of exclusive fragrances: the set consisting of room spray, candle & fragrance diffuser packed in a festive gift bag.

Diffuser with sticks, Room spray, Scented candle, Set



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