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Größe : H160 x W40 x D18 cm, H160 x W40 x D44 cm
Farben : White


Wall mounted cabinet KA 160, in 2 sizes
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This extraordinary closet is 160cm high and available in two different depths (44cm and 18cm). The cabinet door features the same unique touch function as all our “Aquawave” furniture. Six adjustable glass inner compartments can be arranged to your needs and provide a generous amount of space for bathroom accessories and towels. A special process is used to manufacture the cabinet in one piece of MDF and cast resin, without the use of joints or glue. The surface flows like water, seamlessly integrating into your bathroom.

The "Aquawave" bathroom furniture series by Klomfar is inspired by the phenomenon of flowing water and waves. The designer Philipp Aduatz has succeeded in creating a unique visualization of this most precious and vital element, which of course our bathrooms are all about.

Further information on the Aquawave series can be found on here: AQUAWAVE


Wall mounted cabinet KA 160, in 2 sizes