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Größe : Large: ØD9,5 x H12,5cm, + 4cm handle, Medium: ØD7,7 x H10 cm + 3 cm handle, Small: ØD7 x H9 cm + 2 cm Griff
Farben : Matt white

Crystal Glass Container

Crystal glass container „Round Up", brass matt white, in three sizes
113,00 144,00 
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Elegant design meets convenient storage: we don’t think these are a contradiction in terms! KLOMFAR is pleased to present "ROUND UP",  an exquisite crystal glass container with a finely finished metal cover. This lovely container is an elegant solution for keeping cosmetics and other bathroom accessories organised and easily accessible, whilst adding a subtle flair to any bathroom.

The clear crystal glass container is available in three sizes. The decorative brass cover is finished in matt-white and has a shapely cylindrical handle for the final finishing touch.

The cover is available in the following finishes: chrome, gold, copper, satin nickel, matt-black and matt-white.


Like all KLOMFAR luxury accessories, the "ROUND UP" series is largely made by hand using traditional craftsmanship. Working together with European fabricators maintains high quality standards and guarantees the sustainability of our products.

113,00 144,00 

Crystal glass container „Round Up”, brass matt white, in three sizes