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Größe : H52 x W60 x D30 cm, H52 x W90 x D30 cm
Farben : Polished stainless steel

Vanity Bench with Storage Shelf

Polished stainless steel, in 2 sizes
672,00 804,00 
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This lovely vanity bench is made from polished stainless steel and offers a generous seating area and is equipped with an additional storage shelf. Perfect for storing additional towels and other bathroom amenities. The clear lines give the seating timeless elegance. The high-quality imitation leather upholstery is extra durable and makes for an easy to clean solution for the bathroom.

Available in two sizes: L60 x W30 x H52 cm and L90 x W30 x H52 cm

672,00 804,00 

Polished stainless steel, in 2 sizes


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