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Handwork and Sustainability

From Dealer to Designer

Our family company is proud to have exclusively worked with European manufacturers since 1960. Since 2016, we combined our decades long experience as dealers with our passion for design, and are pleased to feature a magnificent line of exclusive design furnishings and accessories only available from KLOMFAR. From our first design, the “Big Spender” soap dispenser, to a growing line of designer furnishings, KLOMFAR continues to collaborate with the highly renowned innovative designer Philipp Aduatz.

Master craft from Europe

KLOMFAR bathroom accessories are crafted almost exclusively by hand in a small Spanish factory in Barcelona. High-quality raw materials, detailed workmanship, and care given to every detail is our highest priority and we pride our company name on not using low-wage unskilled labor. We use only qualified specialists and have a personal relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that every product we offer will stand the test of time and the most discerning aesthetic taste. All of our products are made by workers offered fair pay and above average working conditions, making KLOMFAR products the true epitome of luxury.

Cutting, soldering, milling …

… die cutting, embossing, grinding, polishing, electroplating – every element goes through an extensive manual hand-worked manufacturing processes. Careful and exacting attention goes into every detail, ensuring perfectly crafted workmanship and flawless surfaces; only when all the individual parts have reached their final shape are they chrome, gold, nickel, copper or powder-coated and assembled by hand. Finally, before being carefully packaged and sent to Vienna, each finished product is polished a final time to ensure an absolutely flawless, luxurious finish.

Sustainable Luxury for the Bathroom

True luxury bathroom accessories have to look perfect, perform their function seamlessly, and withstand daily use for years to come. These are the criteria we set out to fulfil when designing a new bathroom accessory or furnishing. We strive for timeless perennial designs, refined beauty which transcend momentary trends or passing fads. All of our bathroom accessories have an unmistakable, unforgettable look – becoming instant classics. We rely on high-quality, sustainable materials, which you can both see and feel in every product we offer, and have a vast offering of replacement parts ensuring a lifetime of reliable use, and help ensure less -negative impact on our fragile environment. KLOMFAR bathroom accessories have meant quality for generations, and we intend that many more generations to come will say the same.