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Liquid Soap Tiroler Reine

10 unique scnets, 300ml

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"Pure Tyrol" liquid soaps are real-deal soaps: unlike conventional liquid soaps, they are produced using traditional production methods in soap-based boilers - without synthetic additives using only natural glycerol content.  Natural raw materials such as olive and coconut oils, beeswax and Tyrolean beef tallow, which has always been used in the production of soaps, ensure the extremely nourishing and moisturizing effect of the soaps.   Scents: Birch / subtly refreshing Mountain Mint / cool-invigorating Hay / earthy-warming Glacier Milk/ tart-refreshing Forget-me-not / flowery Elderberry / fruity-sweet Alpine Rose / flowery Alpine valerian / tart-fresh Stone Pine / woody-herb Cowslip / sweet-earthy

300 ml


Alpine Rose, Alpine Valerian, Birch, Cowslip, Elderberry, Forget-me-not, Glacier Milk, Hay, Mountain Mint, Stone Pine


Tiroler Reine

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