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Scented Candle “Parks Original” – by Parks

Made in England

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"Parks Original" is the signature fragrance from the house of Parks. The perfect combination of pleasantly warm as well as refreshing scents makes the room fragrance a timeless classic: grassy herbs, fresh lavender and tangy citrus notes paired with woody-tobacco aroma of amber. "Parks Original" is a fine fragrance that fits in any room and is never out of place at any time of year.

Created by experienced perfumers in London and made from the best ingredients in England, the refined scented candles provide a long-lasting pleasant atmosphere at home. The high-quality glass container in noble black and a refined platinum plaque give the scented candles their final touch. Thanks to exclusive packaging PLATINUM series candles are perfect as a gift!

300gr or 650gr / burning time approx. 62h or approx. 56h  

300gr, 650gr


Parks Original


PARKS London

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