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What colors fit in my bathroom?

It doesn’t always have to be a complete makeover. Terry cloth, bath rugs, bathrobes and shower curtains – textiles take up large areas in the bathroom. Their effect is correspondingly large. Used skilfully, a new color scheme can do so much. What should you absolutely pay attention to when restyling with bathroom textiles? We reveal important tips & tricks so that the new bathroom look succeeds perfectly.

Restyling the bathroom with textiles

Room size, wall color, tiles, floors and already existing furnishing elements provide the framework. If the bathroom is furnished relatively color-neutral, almost all colors can be brought into play depending on taste. These can turn out strong to set accents, but they can also be kept tone in tone to achieve a particularly harmonious spatial effect.

If colors are already specified due to tiles, fixtures or other furnishing elements, it is recommended to pick them up again in the towels and bath rugs. A repeating color scheme creates structure and harmonizes the overall effect of the room. Our customers are welcome to consult us and bring sample tiles and other templates to the store.  A large selection of color samples that can be brought home assists in making a choice. In the store, even desired dimensions, shapes and colors can be made on request.



Achieve great effect with little change – this succeeds, for example, with fancy bathroom rugs. Whether eye-catching patterns or unusual shapes – an extravagant bath rug gives the bathroom character in an instant and sets accents. With the matching colored terry towels, the new bathroom look is perfect!


Look for quality

If you decide to replace the old towels, rugs and carpets with new ones, you should definitely pay attention to quality. Because: high-quality terry cloth makes you happy. On the one hand because you will have something from it longer, on the other hand because you can feel the difference every day on your bare skin. The quality of the cotton, its processing and the quality of the colors used for dyeing are crucial. Lace terry has a pleasant feel, remains absorbent and keeps its shape even after repeated washing.


Our tips:

  • Terry and bath rug color coordinated provides continuity and enhances the effect of colors.
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  • If distinctive colors are already present due to tiles, walls or other furnishing elements, pick up these hues again in the textiles.
  • Eyecatchers such as bath rugs with striking patterns or shapes achieve great effect. Color-coordinated with hand and bath towels succeed a new bathroom look.
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  • In case of doubt, resort to material and color samples. A visit to the specialty store helps in the decision-making process
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  • Quality makes you happy: High-quality bathroom textiles feel great and retain their shape and material properties even after repeated washing.