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Turn the bathroom into your wellness oasis

When you hear the words “spa” and “wellness” you usually think of a sauna, a whirlpool or a steam bath; ameneties which often don’t have the required space in one’s bathroom. Fortunately, with some simple, yet effective ideas, you can turn any bathroom into a heavenly place of rest and relaxation. Here are some of our best tips for creating your own private wellness oasis in the privacey of your own bathroom.

Nature in the bathroom

Most professional spas are inspired by nature since, after all, many studies have shown the positive effects of nature on the human body. For example, the heartbeat is normalized and the stress level drops as soon as we are outside, while colors, smells and sounds can also trigger this effect. But how do you bring the best of nature into your bathroom?

Towels, bath towels and bath mats

Your best choice are terry cloth fabrics – choose muted, earthy tones, such as dark green, beige or sand colors.

Plants in the bathroom

Some plants thrive particularly well in the humid and warm microclimate of a bathroom. Create your own personal refreshing jungle using plants such as the mountain palm, orchids, aloe vera, sword fern, cobbler palm, bromeliad and lucky feather, to name a few.


Sounds also play a pivotal role in creating and affecting our mood. The babbling of a brook or the chirping of birds have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. Create a playlist with nature sounds or get yourself a so-called “Twitter box” that automatically plays calming birdsongs as soon as you enter the room.


In the forest it smells like, well – forest! Use these specially formulated shower gels and soaps that smell like exquisite forest-inspired flowers and plants

Colors & decoration

Up for a little DIY project or two? Then you can also think of adding a new color to your walls, or adorning them with posters, pictures and photos of natural motifs as well as decorative elements from nature, such as pine cones, woods or stones – all which add value and create a calming atmosphere to the room.

The right accessories

Often it comes down to the little things. A bathroom where everything has its place not only looks tidier and more beautiful, you also have everything at your fingertips, saving you the hassle of searching for a comb, hairpins or a cotton swab. Our storage boxes and toiletry bags are not only practical but also classy and visually enhance any bathroom.

Perfectly shaped

A uniform basic design is pleasing to the eye. You should choose accessories that go well with each other or, ideally, even come from the same product line.


When applying make-up, it is good if the face is illuminated softly and homogeanously, while during the evening wellness shower, one should have the appropriate mood lightening for decompressing after a long day – light can kill or make the mood. Showering and bathing by candlelight is more reminiscent of a visit to the spa. Give it a try – you’ll see the big difference that mood-lighting can make. Scented candles and room fragrances ensure even more wellness in the bathroom.

The Perfect Temperature

There is no need to have a cold floor in the bathroom. If you don’t have underfloor heating, you can make do with bathroom rugs and deep-pile bathroom mats. Towel warmers do the rest for adding that perfect wellness-feeling in the bathroom.

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