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How do essential oils work?

The power of fragrances

Do you know that moment when you smell something and a wave of emotions or memories immediately floods you? Smells have great power because the sense of smell is located in the biologically oldest part of the brain. Scents trigger instincts and reactions even before a person can consciously think about them. So it’s no wonder that every luxury hotel has its own fragrance designer. After all, you want the guest to enter and immediately feel at home. Essential oils are a component of many of these compositions. They are found in fragrance diffusers, sauna additives, soaps, shower gels and scented candles. But what are essential oils anyway? And how do essential oils work?

What are essential oils?

From a chemical point of view, essential oils are highly volatile and often highly flammable mixtures of substances. They usually consist of various soluble organic substances. Essential oils are produced either synthetically or from natural sources. If they are natural essential oils, they are usually obtained by steam distillation, extraction or pressing of plant parts. They are usually found in the plants themselves as an attractant for insects. Or they serve as antibodies. Unlike fatty oils, essential oils evaporate quickly and without leaving any residue.

How do essential oils affect the body?

There are basically three ways in which essential oils enter the body. If you inhale them, their fragrances dock onto the receptors in your nose. These olfactory nerves send a signal to the brain. Depending on what you associate with the smell, essential oils influence your mood in this way. Or they evoke memories.

The second type is absorption through the skin. The molecules of essential oils penetrate through the cell membranes of the skin into the body. You can feel this quite impressively, for example, when you apply a cold balm to your skin. The oils reach the underlying tissue and the blood through the skin. Depending on which oil it is, it has a stimulating or relaxing effect.

In a third variant, the oils enter the body via the stomach. There is also a good example of this: the essential oils in ginger have an immediate warming effect. If you season your food with herbs, you inevitably add essential oils to your body. Because essential oils have a powerful effect, caution is advised with small children, babies and pregnant women. Always find out about the side effects of essential oils before using them.

Essential oils as a bath additive

Essential oils do not combine with water. If you would therefore like to use these as a bath additive, it is recommended that you either use ready-made mixtures that already contain an emulsifier. Or you can mix your favorite fragrance yourself. Never use more than a few drops of oil for a full bath. Mix this with a cup of cream or a little whole milk, almond or coconut oil. This is how essential oils work in the bath:

Essential oils in the sauna

Of course, the additives can also be used in the sauna. Here too, less is more. Five drops are enough for an infusion! The oil is dripped directly into the water of the sauna heater. Stir well before infusing, then pour quickly onto the stones. As mentioned at the beginning, essential oils do not dilute with water. However, emulsifiers do not work in the sauna. Never drip the oil directly onto the stones – this could cause a flash fire.

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Essential oils as room fragrances

Whether woody and tangy, sweet and floral or subtly fresh: high-quality scented candles and scented oil diffusers can give a room its own character. And they can play a decisive role in whether you feel comfortable in it or not. When making your selection, make sure you choose products with high-quality oils as ingredients. But don’t forget to air the room well every now and then. As natural products, essential oils can trigger allergic reactions and have an adverse effect on sensitive people. In our range you will find a large selection of first-class room fragrances and scented candles. They are created by master perfumers from the heart of Provence using only the finest ingredients.

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