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Soap Bar Set – by Klomfar

Handmade soaps from Austria

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Handmade in Tyrol & from the best ingredients: The most popular Klomfar soaps are now also available as a selection packaged in a rustic wooden gift box. High-quality ingredients care for the skin and give each variety its very own, pleasantly unobtrusive fragrance. The perfect gift for lovers of exclusive soaps!

  • 1x Klomfar gift bag with festive bow
  • 1x wooden soap box
  • 1x Calendula 100gr - Floral, sweet aroma / for sensitive skin
  • 1x Rose petals 100gr - Delicate, elegant fragrance / suitable for all skin types.
  • 1x Avocado 100gr - Light, restrained fragrance / rich care.
  • 1x Lavender 100gr - Refreshing fragrance / soothing & relaxing
  • 1x Sea salt 100gr - Velvety, subtle fragrance / regulates moisture balance and nourishes the skin particularly soft.
  • 1x Quince 100gr - Fruity fragrance from domestic quince / for stressed skin
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